Steel upon Steel


◄ Welcome to Stahl auf Stahl (Steel upon Steel). On these pages you will find content relating to historical fencing as well as a description of the training routines of Stahl auf Stahl. I do not want to present cinematic pictures or grim high end reproductions of the fencing books. I want to present content. If you like this position, you may find interesting things on this site.

• Information about your offers as well as training times and locations are available in the index bar above (Rhein-Main, Rhein-Ruhr).

Stahl auf Stahl

◄ Stahl auf Stahl (Steel upon Steel) is a fencing school. It was founded in 2007 by Richard Cole in Frankfurt upon Main, Germany. The foundation of our schooling is laid down in three kinds of historical late medieval fencing lore: Wrestling, fencing with the long sword and fencing with buckler and sword.

Richard Cole, Founder of Stahl auf Stahl

• 2017 we enjoy our 10th anniversary – incessant researching and digging into the lore. Now, after over a decade of foundational reseach on the long sword lore of Johannes Liechtenauer and Hans Talhoffer, I finally am able to offer the whole historical system of the long sword. This is the first time in hundreds of years that the whole lore is made availible. We are in a position to depict, explain and teach the full original system. For this feat I want to express my deep gratitude to all my fellow fencers.

• This spectrum of fencing lore is now expanded. I additionally offer fencing with the rondel dagger, fencing with the long knife (langes Messer) and fencing with the rapier and dagger. Also the lore of fencing with the half pole, fencing with the halberd, fencing with the pike and the fencing with the half sword (Halbschwert) is made availble to classes. All together these are ten historical fencing lores, all taught and fought using the same didactics and the same system. This unique holistic concept is the true power of our historical fencing lores.

• What I strive for is a real comprehension of martial arts, not of sport fighting. Our name is our concept: steel upon steel – we train with steel blade weaponry only. This is by no means a needless glorification of violence, but an essential approach to training. I believe that this is the sole way to get close to the lore of the fencing masters of olden.

Historical martial arts

◄ Here we have to differ very clearly: The historical martial arts are no show combat, no reenactment, no stage combat and of course no live roleplay. We do not aim at competitions under sport rules. All of these modern styles of fencing are great fun and proven ways to interpret the art of fencing under contemporary requirements. But fencing as a medieval art is not necessarily part of them. On the other hand, becoming versed in the art of medieval historical fencing is a good way to improve all your weapons skills.

• If you bear this attitude in mind, your way will perhaps sooner or later lead you to our fencing school.

► Frankfurt upon Main, 2017, Richard Cole (Stahl auf Stahl)

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