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6. Juli 2012 - Backsword Intensive 2012, Las Vegas

Hier kommen alle Veranstaltungen rein, deren Datum abgelaufen ist. Man kann sich so über die alten Veranstaltungen informieren.

6. Juli 2012 - Backsword Intensive 2012, Las Vegas

Beitragvon jpk » Donnerstag 19. April 2012, 23:56

Tuscany Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
The basket hilted backsword/broadsword is the primary weapon of the Edinburgh based Macdonald Academy of Arms and a primary Scottish sidearm that features extensively through it's most turbulent period of history. Maestro Macdonald has spent years in reviving the Art of this weapon and offers a rare opportunity to train in effective techniques against it's own kind and for Combat Con 2012, learn how to overcome opponents armed with dissimilar weapons!

Check out the details here - http://thecombatcon.com/backsword-intensive and be sure to take advantage of registering pre-event.
If you are attending the Backsword Intensive this year, please e-mail me directly at macdonaldacademy@aol.com where you can be registered in advance. Last year's event was a blast! This year shall be just as intense and with a different approach to the weapon covering more skillsets. For the curious or serious about backsword, this is one class you will not want to miss!
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