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30. Mai bis 4, Juni 2012 Loch Lomond 2012

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30. Mai bis 4, Juni 2012 Loch Lomond 2012

Beitragvon jpk » Dienstag 13. März 2012, 13:48

The Academy of Historical Arts will be running a camping event right on the banks of Loch Lomond from Wednesday 30th of May until Monday 4th of June this year. It is the fourth year we have run our annual summer camp event, and this is the first time we are opening it up to the community in general! People can come for the whole event or for just a few days, we don't mind.

We are going to be hosting 6 combat lessons, 4 missile lessons and a historical crafts lesson each day for 4 days. There will also be time for personal practice, along with a daily "march and shoot" exercise borrowed from the British army, and an assortment of "hastilitudes" and melee games.

Historical fencing lessons will cover a wide variety of disciplines such as Liechtenauer's longsword, Fiore's longsword, I.33 style sword and buckler, Silver's sword and buckler, Scottish regimental broadsword, Highland broadsword and targe, Bowie knife, Mair's peasant staff, Liechtenauer's halfsword for armoured combat, Gladiatoria style halfsword for armoured combat, an interpretation of Starzewski's Polish sabre... Missile weapons on offer will include longbows and horsebows, hand slings and staff slings, throwing knives and throwing axes, and possibly even javelins.

As a camping event, the accommodation is free of charge - just bring your own tent (or let us know in advance and you can sleep in one of the Academy's group tents) and sleeping space is sorted! We also provide three hot meals a day, also free of charge, to any and all participants.

We have a Facebook page for the event, so if you are on Facebook and would like to be party to the chatter about this event then please have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/239115422846866/

We also have a website that gives much more information about the event, including details on how to sign up for the event: http://www.historical-academy.co.uk/camp/

Tim Gallagher wrote us a very positive review of the Loch Lomond event last year and posted it here on the Schola forum: http://www.fioredeiliberi.org/phpBB3/vi ... 10&t=16857. Hopefully we will do an even better job this year than last, making it an even more amazing event, and this year Tim has joined our team of instructors to bring a flavour of Fiore to the event.
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