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Two Days of the Blade, 14-15. April 2012 London

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Two Days of the Blade, 14-15. April 2012 London

Beitragvon jpk » Dienstag 13. März 2012, 13:48

It's back! This time it's a two day intensive course of messer and dagger work.

All instruction will be by David Rawlings (London longsword/Boar's Tooth).
Messer/machete: we will be working with Talhoffer's messer and Meyer's dussack; going through extensive cutting drills followed by partnered drills and in depth deconstruction of each technique.

Dagger:Working with Huntfeltz's unarmed against dagger techniques (& a few from Talhoffer) all of these are fast instinctive control and break dagger counters*.
Stepney east London. The event is in one of our regular training venues; so weather will not be an issue.
£60 for the weekend.
£40 for LLA students.
Training is from 10 till 4.30 on the Saturday 10-4 on the Sunday

To book contact londonlongsword@gmail.com or call 0770 9639881

Important note.
*Due to the dangerous nature of the techniques taught (particularly joint locks and breaks); you must be sure of your ability and intent to train safely and calmly, putting your partners safety paramount.

If you cannot do this do not apply for the course.
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