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Fechtschule Scotland - 31. März 2012

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Fechtschule Scotland - 31. März 2012

Beitragvon jpk » Dienstag 13. März 2012, 13:45

On the weekend of the 31st of March and the 1st of April, the Academy of Historical Arts will be hosting a new event called Fechtschule Scotland in Glasgow. It has been organised with help from the Dawn Duellists Society and the Stork's Beak school as well, with input from the Glasgow and Dundee groups in the Academy, so this is shaping up to be a good co-operative event with instructors coming from across Scotland!

The focus will be Liechtenauer's longsword, with several workshops, sparring sessions and a cutting session, culminating in a steel longsword tournament on the Sunday. The tournament will run using the AHA standard tournament rules and should be a fun way to finish off the event.

The instructors and workshops are likely to be:
- Keith Farrell from Glasgow (The Many Faces of the Krumphaw)
- Alex Bourdas from Glasgow (Winding and Counter-Winding)
- Ben Kerr from Glasgow (Cutting with a Sharp Longsword)
- Mark Wilkie from Dundee (Ringeck's Zornhaw Plays)
- Martin Page from Edinburgh (The Schilhaw)
- Andy Taylor from Edinburgh (Form and Footwork)

The workshops may change closer to the time, but it looks to be a good spread of workshops exploring techniques, sequencing, principles and mechanics.

More information will be forthcoming as we finalise the details if anyone is interested in coming along then please let me know. It's probably not going to be a huge event, certainly not in the same league as FightCamp or Swordfish or anything like that; we hope to have around 30-40 people though as that would make for a fun event for all of us. We have a Facebook event page for anyone seeking further information: https://www.facebook.com/events/281987115201986/
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